Saturday, March 29, 2014


Just saw the movie, God's Not Dead.  Well done!  Go see it.

Here's the trailer...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

You Are Salt

March's Newspaper Column

You are SALT!

                 Did you know that as a follower of Jesus you have incredible influence?  Just by being who you are in Christ, you have a powerful influence with those around you – for good or for bad.  Just by walking in communion with the Holy Spirit, you influence your environment with the Presence of God.
Jesus tells his followers that they are different.  Those who receive Him as their Lord and Savior will not be like everyone else in the world.  They have been saved.  They have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.  They have been brought out of darkness into Light.  They have the Holy Spirit living within them; that is, God Himself living within them.  They are not like everyone else, and neither are you - if you are a follower of Jesus.
In Matthew 5:13 Jesus expresses this by telling his followers that they are salt.  Salt is a common item used for preservation; Jesus’ mother would have soaked fish in it or dried meat in it.  Salt also kills germs and was used for other medical purposes; it purifies.  Today, we goggle with it if we have a sore throat; we clean our contacts in saline solution.; and we soak our feet in Epson salt.  Salt is also used on our food as a spice to make it taste better (some of us have medical problems because we use too much salt in our foods!).
Our world is in decay because of a lack of salt. All around us in our families, work places, schools, we see the darkness of decay with violence, murder, immorality, addictions, and dishonesty.  We see this decay in our families, social relationships, and personal struggles.

You may be discouraged and struggling because you are the only follower of Jesus at your work, in your family, or on your team.  Did you know that all it takes is one grain of salt to make a powerful difference? God may use you to salt your entire unbelieving circle – for Jesus lives in you and is with you.  You are the salt of the earth. Just by being who you are in Him, you may be the grain He uses to melt the ice of indifference.  Just by being his follower, you may be the grain He uses to hold back some immoral act or policy.  Just by being a person living in communion with the Holy Spirit, you may be the grain He uses to spice up a terrible relationship or impact a decision.  Jesus said: You are the salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13).  So be salt!