Friday, September 11, 2009

God Bless the U.S.A.

As we hear calls which politicize September 11 (i.e., our president's call to ask Americans to give a day of service to the State, and then those who criticize him for it), let us take a few minutes and thank God for the incredible nation in which we live.

Yesterday, I participated in the dedication of the Strickland Memorial Chapel at Gwinnett Medical Center in North Atlanta. Mr. Clyde Strickland got up to speak after hearing a hindu, a muslim, and a rabbi speak about their perspective. Mr. Strickland said: "Only in America can this happen today. America is about freedom. Freedom to worship God in your own way. This could not have happened in most countries of the world." So let us thank God for the incredible nation in which we live.

But let us also take a few minutes and remember those who have suffered because of the attacks on our country that day. Let us remember the families of the over 3000 who died on that day. Over 700 children lost their parents that day! Let us remember those who sacrificed so much so that we all could overcome and move forward individually and as a nation.

A friend, Doug DeBolt, who used to be with Acts 29 Ministries put together a video from his time of ministry in New York days after the attack. It is worth a watch.

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