Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alleluia. Christ is Risen!

I never tire of hearing the incredible acts of the Incarnational God with his work on the cross and the new life of the resurrection with the physical appearances of Jesus.  Every year as I reflect on these events, I learn more and more about the love of God for us in Jesus.

It was good to be at Holy Cross for Holy Week.  We began Holy Week with Palm Sunday. My sermon for that day, Contemplating the Mighty Acts of God, can be heard at http://www.holycrosspodcasts.org/C1-media;show,80.  From the Holy Cross website, you can hear some great sermons from the other pastors who preached the different services all week.  We had some GREAT preaching.  My Easter sermon entitled, God Loves You,  can be heard at http://www.holycrosspodcasts.org/C1-media;show,86.  It was also so refreshing to see our members serve all week so that people coming to worship would be welcomed, encouraged, helped, prayed for, and well-fed.  The believers in Jesus at Holy Cross never cease to amaze me!!

Greeting parishioners at Holy Cross on Easter Sunday

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