Thursday, June 28, 2012

In the Colorado Wilderness

I just returned from seven days with other bishops in the wilderness of the Colorado Rockies.  In an effort to build deeper relationships and enhance unity in the Anglican movement in North America, we rock-climbed, rappelled, white-water rafted on the Arkansas River, back-packed and camped at 12,000 feet, fished, worshipped, studied some aspects of Biblical leadership, and were challenged and encouraged with personal coaching.

It was a physically challenging time.  It was a spiritually nurturing time.  And it was wonderful to share time with such godly men who love Jesus and desire to make a difference in our world for Him!  Below are some pics of our time in Colorado.

Bishop Frank Lyons on rappel

Bishop Philip Jones rappelling down rock face


Bishop Eric Menees just before a rock climb

Bishop TJ Johnston after rappelling

Getting ready to go white-water rafting on the Arkansas River: (from left to right:) Bishops Frank Lyons, Eric Menees,  John Miller, Philip Jones, Sandy Miller, TJ Johnston, Allen Hughes (Fr.), Trevor Walters, Foley Beach, Derek Jones, and Silas Ng

Bishop John Miller with his lama on the trail

Moi with Oblama our lama preparing to backpack up to 12,000 ft.

Bishop Silas Ng with Oblama the lama
Bishop Trevor Walters

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