Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Little Snow at the Beach House

This was a very strange snow storm.   The forecasters said beforehand it had too many variables to accurately predict what was going to happen.  It snowed for over 10 hours, yet only displayed three inches even though the temps were in the upper 20's.  A few miles to the west of us the roads were impassable; we only had a few icy spots.  Atlanta and Birmingham became parking lots.  Some school kids had to spend the night at the school.  Thousands were stranded in their cars or went to nearby homes, stores, churches, and restaurants which let people come in and sleep on the floor.  Cars ran out of gas while sitting in the gridlock.  At least one baby was delivered on the expressway.  Some people are still not at their homes staying in shelters or with people who opened us their homes to strangers.  But at our house... it made for some of the LORD's beautiful handiwork...

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