Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Few Words From Agnes Sanford

Picked up Behold Your God (Copyright 1958) by Agnes Sanford.  Here are a few of her comments which I found thoughtful.

Keep the mind firmly and unwaveringly fixed on Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself is the express image of God.

We can run into danger if we seek for signs instead of seeking for God.

Hold before Him the work that you intend doing today with this mind that He has given you for a tool.

Prayer is not a matter of getting what we want the most. Prayer is a matter of giving ourselves to God and learning His laws, so that He can do through us what He wants the most.  And as we live in Him, we will more and more want what He wants.

But why does God depend upon our faith for the perfecting of His will?  That is His business.  I do not know.

There are times... when we should focus our attention not on the things that are beautiful and good but on the dust on the window-panes of our souls, so that we can wipe away that dust and increase our receptivity to the light of God's love.

He did not die so that we could become "sinners of all times," but so that we could become saints.

There is only one type of person who is hopeless, and that is the one who thinks he is already perfect.

Gratitude is a virtue and ingratitude is a sin -- the sin that Shakespeare described as being, "sharper than a serpent's tooth."

The greatest and most abiding gift is the gift of ourselves to God, that in the Name of Jesus Christ, we may learn to help and to comfort others as we have been comforted and helped.

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