Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bishops Everywhere!

Today (Saturday) here in Bedford, Texas begins the meeting of the College of Bishops of the Anglican Church in North America preceding the first Provincial Assembly of the New Church. There are 34 bishops present in the College, and numerous other bishops and archbishops present from around the Anglican Communion to participate in the formation of the new Province. I am attending this meeting because I am the Vicar General of the Bolivian Cluster (Diocese) of the Anglican Church in North America. The Vicar General is the Ecclesiastical Authority for the Cluster since we do not have a Diocesan Bishop. So in essence, I have voice and vote in the College of Bishops and participate fully except when there is something which only bishops are to do -- for example, the election of other bishops.

Talking about feeling awkward! Fortunately, I am not the only Vicar General! We have had great teaching, prayer time, discussion, and carried out some business. Bishop Frank Lyons of Bolivia and Archbishop Gregory Venables are here as Guests of the House (pictured above). Archbishop Gregory has been bringing forth incredible Bible teachings challenging us as leaders of the Church to be and live holy unto God, and to not recreate a false Church which is not Biblical, but striving with God's leadership to create the true Church as expressed in Acts 2.

Bishop Terrell Glenn (above) with the Anglican Mission challenged us to live with one another as Christ expects -- loving each other, forgiving each other, letting go of old wounds and hurts, and following Christ's admonitions to his followers by the power of the Holy Spirit. He said: "Some of us are seeking to be recognized by the Archbishop of Cantebury, but are we seeking to be recognized by our Savior?" Loving God with heart, soul, mind and strength. Loving your neighbor as yourself. Loving one another as Christ loves us. Loving and blessing your enemies. Preach it!!

It is SO Exciting to be a part of a movement with is so Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled, and seeking to uphold the historical Church. Tomorrow, I expect we will begin to make history by officially formalizing and approving the new Province.

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