Sunday, December 12, 2010

All Saints' Peachtree City

Ray Griener, Me, Michael Fry

Today I visited All Saint's Anglican Church in Peachtree City as their new bishop.  This congregation has stood strong for the Gospel of Jesus and Biblical Truth.  They sacrificed much for the integrity of the Christian Faith and it was truly an honor to be with them.  The congregation has numerous folks who are committed to serving our Lord through intercessory prayer and it is observance in the atmosphere of their worship.  Jesus said that those who worship him should worship in spirit and in truth.  All Saints does both well.

The rector, Michael Fry, has served in the formation of the new diocese and is the current president of the Standing Committee.  He is a man of deep devotion to our Lord who practices a love for the reading and study of the Scripture.

I preached on Matthew 11:2f a sermon entitled,  Is Jesus the Messiah, based on John the Baptist's question in 11:3.  To hear this sermon go to;show,56.

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised! (Ps.48)