Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Helping Victims of the Tornadoes

The following letter has been sent to Anglican churches to seek help for victims of the tornados.  Please help in whatever way you can...

Dear Friends in Christ,

We have all heard about the devastating tornadoes in Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee last Wednesday.  I am writing to ask for your help with assisting those on the ground attempting to help those in need in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Our target of help is going to be a number of the small towns which have been devastated but are not getting all the publicity.

There are three specific ways you can help the Anglican Church reach out to those in need.

First, we are going to take the Holy Cross big bus Sunday night and Monday to some of the needy areas filled with items and supplies which are needed.  We hope to completely fill the bus. Some of these items are 

Baby formula (also Soy-based formula), Water, Gatorade, Paper towels, Toilet paper, Trash bags, Hand sanitizer, Wet wipes, Feminine products, Travel size toiletries (Body Wash, Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste, Shaving cream), Toothbrushes, First aid kits, Bandaids, Ibuprofen, Razors, Ziploc gallon bags, Diapers, Baby wipes, Sippy cups, Non-perishable food items (such as crackers, chicken and tuna salad kits, ravioli, slim jim, cookies, peanuts, trail mix, granola/cereal bars, and other snacks), and Bibles.

There will be three drop sites where you can deliver items by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday night.

a. Church of the Advent, Atlanta, located at 1610 Hosea L Williams Drive, Suite F, Atlanta, Georgia 30307
(404)954-0031 - Fr. Dale Brown

b. Trinity Church, Douglasville, located at 5780 Fairburn Ste A
Douglasville, GA 30134  
(678)983-2822 - Canon Steven Saul

d. Holy Cross, Loganville, located at 3830 Oak Grove Road, Loganville, GA  30655. 
(770-466-2888) -- Julie Ashey

Second, you can make monetary donations which will be immediately converted in to purchased items or gift cards.  You can donate through the Holy Cross website at https://www.holycrosspodcasts.org/donate?nologin=true.  100% of donations will go to help those in need.

Third, you can keep folks in your prayers. People have lost loved ones; some have lost their homes; and some have lost all their possessions.  Prayer for them at this time is important and crucial.  Pray for those injured to be healed. Pray also that God will use this to lead people into a relationship with Him in Jesus.

Thank you for your help.


  1. Prayers for all that have been effected by these events. Prayers for your efforts.

    But also prayers for all of the material goods that are needed to be delivered.

  2. Prayers for all the victims of these awful storms. While world events take our attentions away, they are still hurting and in need.

    God bless your efforts!

  3. Three of us Marylin, Jeannette, and myself Judy have been asked to represent(as I am not allowed to go alone after taking donations to Mississippi after Katrina because it took me 3 months to get back)The Church of the Holy Trinity. We are bring donations and cash for the tornado victims but we have a few questions that we really need answered. First what is the first stop the bus will be making? (Just in case we are late leaving as it is mother's day). So that we can catch up with the bus. Second will we be sleeping at a church and need to bring sleeping bags and pillows or will other arrangements be made? Thank you for any information you can give us prior to our leaving Holy Trinity.
    God's Speed