Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Trip to Northern Alabama - #2

The Emergency Relief Center at Flat Rock, Alabama Community Center where they serve over 3000 meals a day to victims and relief workers

Unloading and organizing food and supplies in Flat Rock

The folks who helped unload our bus. With all these folks (and  others), it took us over an hour to unload all the stuff on the bus.  Thank you Lord!

Jan, the supervisor of this relief center.  It was an incredible blessing to help her and pray God's blessing on her and her fellow workers.
 We were not there to sightsee, but the pictures do not describe the devastation adequately.

After filling up the bus again with supplies from Walmart (another 20+ buggies), we are unloading here in Rainsville, AL

Some of the items we supplies for the folks in Rainsville, AL.

Dan and Fr. Greg with the folks running the Rainsville Relief  Center.  We also prayed for them.

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