Thursday, June 30, 2011

From Romans 11

"The tension between divine election and human rebellion constitues a contradiction that our finite minds cannot fathom.  But we must affirm both truths, even if we cannot reconcile them."  John Stott

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  1. Some Water, some plant, but it is God who gives increase (1Cor 3:6) The lesson: in preaching the Gospel it is God who saves sinners.

    The result of concluding that we had nothing to do with our salvation is that we never recover; it drives us to our knees. We will not be constrained from telling others.

    At the end of time, when men reflect on God's plan, how his Mercy and Justice have been worked out, all alive will do what the multitude did in the Revelation We will shout Hallelujah! Salvation and Power and Glory Belong to Our God, for true and just are His judgements! (Rev 19:1-2)