Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kentucky Road Trip

I just returned from a road-trip to Kentucky visiting clergy and congregations.  It was a delight to see and hear what the Lord is doing in and through the people where I visited.

I visited with Fr. Chris Larimer, rector of Holy Apostles, Elizabethtown, and members of his congregation.  Met  with the vestry and had dinner with member of the congregation.  Chris is also driving up to Louisville a couple of times a month to hold services for folks who live there.

During the afternoon, I met with the clergy of the Kentucky churches.  We did some sharing; I taught on Leadership using Philippians 2; and we had a good time of prayer and fellowship.

I was able to go to Wilmore, Kentucky, the home of Asbury Seminary, a center of evangelical Methodism. I met with some members of the Wilmore Anglican Fellowship answering some of their questions about the diocese, and seeing how we can help them take it to the next level.  During this time I was able to meet with the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Asbury Seminary. They have begun to offer an Anglican track and planning to start an An Anglican House in Wilmore.

I also visited with the clergy of St. Andrew's, Versailles, an exciting congregation under the leadership of David Brannon.  I was able meet with members of their congregation at a desert gathering, answering questions and sharing spiritual vision.  We also shared lunch with the leadership of the parish hearing their vision for growing the church and planting a church in Frankfort, the State Capitol.

The last night I shared dinner with members of Apostles, Lexington.  I shared my testimony and my story into Anglicanism, and fielded questions they had about the Anglican Diocese of the South.  They are considering becoming members of the diocese.

Great visit to Kentucky.  The Lord was surely present and His Word proclaimed.

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