Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Prayer

By Carolyn Frasier, a member of Holy Cross and Part-time Secretary for the Church

In the midst of worldly chatter
Traditions and the laws of men
A Light pierced deepest darkness
Opened up the way from sin

The Light is God's own Word
Long expected and prophesied
Like a sword He came to divide
Soul from spirit, bone from marrow

In His Glory He is returning
As the mighty Son of God
To claim His own beloved
In the air and from the sod

We join Heaven's watch remembering
And pray for angels bending near!
For sweet unbroken praise
To rise at midnight clear

In every wish, every prayer
There rings in every Christmas tune
A Chord to remind us "He's alive"
He is coming soon!

Yes! Let angels bend near us
Let wise men still find Him
God's shepherds keep watch
Everyone's heart usher Him in!

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