Thursday, January 5, 2012

Leadership Wisdom

I have been reading a book by Chima Ekeke, a priest in the Anglican Diocese of the South, called Leadership Wisdom (Xulon Press).  Here a few nuggets...

Failure is not fatal to leadership.  Even great leaders make mistakes. Failure is necessary for leadership development and spiritual growth.  God will sometimes use your failures to prepare you for great service.

Excellence is the goal of all pure leadership.  Leaders must commit to the high ethical standard of their leadership responsibility.  Ethical leaders serve as if they working for God.  Followers cherish those who serve with pure heart and excellent spirit.

A true leader must learn and know how to delegate.  A leader who does not delegate will be burned-out and may not accomplish much.

Courage is one the greatest ingredients of supernatural leadership.  No one can become a great leader without godly character and strong courage.

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