Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From God Calling

For about two weeks I have been reflecting on the following words from God Calling, January 9...

Be calm, no matter what may befall you. Rest in Me.  Be patient, and let patience have her perfect work.  Never think things overwhelming.  How can you be overwhelmed when I am with you?

Do not feel the strain of life.  There is no strain for My children.  Do you not see I am a Master Instrument-maker?  Have I not fashioned each part?  Do I not know just what it can bear without strain?  Would I, the Maker of so delicate an instrument, ask of it anything that could destroy or strain?

No!  The strain is only when you are serving another master, the world, fame, the good opinion of men -- or carrying two day's burden on the one day.

Remember, that it must not be.

Reminds me of Matthew 6:33-34!

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