Monday, July 1, 2013

July 4th: How Can God Ignore What We are Doing?

The following is my newspaper column for July. May God have mercy upon us!

July 4th:  How Can God Ignore What We are Doing?

            Wow!  What a few months it has been in the United States of America for the fabric and firmness of our collective society!!  The foundations on which this country was established continue to be systematically removed not just from the public arena, but from the established norms of right and wrong.  

* Expressions of faith removed from a soldier’s private prerogative (this has since been reinstated). 
* The Boys Scouts changing their value system. 
* The discovery that the NSA has copies of our phone and email conversations in some huge data storing facility.  
* The recent Supreme Court rulings gutting the concept of traditional marriage and family life.  
* The church in New Jersey which had its tax-exempt status taken away because it wouldn’t allow a gay marriage in its building.

            The follower of Jesus who understands and believes the teachings of the Bible and the person who understands the history of the nations and the civilizations of world should be quaking in their boots.  We have not only missed our wake-up call, we have slept through the alarm!  If we are not careful, we will not have any freedom left to celebrate.
For us who are believers, these recent events are not about loving people and the granting of rights (which we all want to do).  This is about the honor of God and knowing that God is a faithful God who enters and withdraws from the affairs of nations.  When we thumb our nose at Him and at His Commandments, He gives us just what we want.  He just simply withdraws His Presence and turns us over to our desires and wants (Roman 1:26f).  
Without His Presence we give up His protection.  
Without His Presence we give up His Blessings.  
Without His Presence we give up His Wisdom.  
Without His Presence we give up His Aid.  
Without His Presence we give up His Grace.

Yes, His Presence is with the believer who is indwelt by His Holy Spirit.  But there is a covering God puts over a nation that honors Him.  Although we have not been perfect or sinless, God has blessed our nation in ways which no other country can claim. However, one must wonder how long God’s patience will stand?  How can God ignore the taking of over 55 million unborn babies?  How can God ignore our nation publically violating every one of the Ten Commandments? How can God ignore our publically divorcing Him?
Not one civilization has lasted which has done what we have done.  What makes us think we are any different?  Ancient Greece was a beautiful place.  Rome was a sight to behold.  In Israel there were many places (including Solomon’s and Herod’s Temples) which were incredible architectural feats.  Yet, there is nothing but ruins in those places now.  They rejected God and His standards for life and morality and suffered the consequences.
Brothers and Sisters of the Faith:  It is time to throw ourselves on the mercy of God.  We need to plead with him that He doesn’t give us what we deserve as a nation and civilized society.  Like the Old Testament faithful who humbled themselves with sackcloth and ashes, we need to humble ourselves before God and plead with Him for spiritual awakening (2 Chronicles 7:14).  
LORD, have mercy upon us.  CHRIST, have mercy upon us.  LORD, have mercy upon us.

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  1. Yes, the call to prayer has become very clear, I agree! The call to committed intercession as a way of life is more urgent than ever. It is the still, small voice saying, "I am Lord, follow Me." I pray more often, these days, for the Body of Christ in the earth, that we will all be diligent in our discipleship. Just as the soldier is highly trained, I believe God is calling us toward fully developed commitment, so when the greater trials come we will be ready and can pray for others. To do this, we keep short account with our Master. We are called to be warriors in the Spirit, and we are called to grow into the Image of Christ. That is what our Father is looking for in the earth. Testing and trial allows God to carve out that beautiful image of Christ in us, so we run to the battle with His praises on our lips, wearing His armor. He waits for us to learn the mercy cry, the forgiveness gate to unity. Isaiah 11:1-2