Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kentucky Road Trip

I spent last week in Kentucky and West Virginia visiting different churches.  It was a great week visiting the people of God and proclaiming the Gospel.

All Saints, Huntington, W. Virginia has a big spirit and a desire to reach their neighbors and the students at Marshall. 

St. Andrew's, Versailles  had barbecue and bluegrass music to greet me.

Meeting with the Church Planter Team at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore

My brother, Stephen, who lives in Louisville

A couple of the Parish Leaders at Holy Apostles, Elizabethtown

At each place I preached calling people back to the Lord and to act in the Name of Jesus and live out His Word in their lives and in our country.  It was a good week seeing the Lord speak to people and His Spirit stir them to action.

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