Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reflections of a Pilgrim

Just finished reading Reflections of a Pilgrim, a wonderful book of truisms by Mark Royster.  Mark is an Anglican priest who is the rector of St. Peter's, Frankfort, KY and on staff at Asbury Seminary as the Director of Global Partnerships.  His insight and thoughtfulness on the Spiritual Life is quite refreshing!

A few quotes....

Lord, help me to understand that your solution is a gift.  I can't deserve it or earn it.  I can only receive it.  Just as I could never see or feel my need for help without your grace, I can't even want to receive your help without your assistance.

Lord, I know you often use painful experiences in your plan for my life.  I may never know if you decree the pain or just allow it.  But I do know that you can always redeem it for my good and for your glory.

Since my shifting feelings of anxiety or peace follow the focus of my mind, help me capture every thought and submit it to your truth.

I know you want not only to forgive me and repair my heart problem, but also to draw me into deep intimacy with you.

You want to inhabit me, so that by your Spirit the ways of Jesus are formed into me, and flow through me.

Lord, help me never forget that as I grow in grace, my need for you will increase, not decrease.

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