Friday, October 22, 2010

Wesley on Spending

Another friend, the Rev. David Roseberry, Rector of Christ Church, Plano, TX, posted the following questions John Wesley would encourage folks to ask before they made a purchase. Perhaps, we should apply them to our purchases....

1. In spending this money, am I acting like I owned it, or am I acting like the Lord’s trustee?

2. What Scripture requires me to spend this money in this way?

3. Can I offer up this purchase as a sacrifice to the Lord?

4. Will God reward me for this expenditure at the resurrection of the just?

Wesley also encouraged someone to pray a prayer like this before a purchase:

“Lord, thou seest I am going to expend this amount on that food, apparel, furniture. And thou knowest I act therein with a single eye, as a steward of thy goods, expending this portion of them thus, in pursuance of the design thou hadst in entrusting me with them. Thou knowest I do this in obedience to thy word, as thou commandest, and because thou commandest it. let this, I beseech thee, be a holy sacrifice, acceptable through Jesus Christ! And give me a witness in myself, that for this labor of love I shall have a recompence when thou rewardest every man according to his words.”

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