Thursday, July 14, 2011

Taking Some Time

Summer is always a good time to get some down-time from work and ministry responsibilities.  Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries, rest, spend some quite time with the Lord, catch up with family members spending time together, workout, take in a movie, and partake of a good meal.

Jesus was often taking time to get away by himself and spend time with His Father.  He had to get away from the crowds, the demands, and the clamor of public ministry.  It not only gave him rest and time in prayer, it empowered him with clarity, purpose, and victory over the tempter.

Take some time this summer.   Spend some time daily with your Heavenly Father.  Take a long weekend and spend it with family.  If you can take a vacation, do so.  Sabbath refreshes.  Sabbath heals.  Sabbaths strengthens.  Sabbath empowers.

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