Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Investiture of Bishop John Guernsey

Bishop John Guernsey and his wife Meg

This past weekend I was privileged to participate in the Investiture of Bishop John Guernsey as the first bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic.  It was a joyful celebration which I would describe as a little bit of heaven in the worship.  Great music and singing.  Excellent preaching.  Joyful fellowship.

Truro Anglican Church in Fairfax, Virginia

Bishop Leonard Riches

Bishop Bill Ilgenfritz

Bishop Stephen Leung

Bishop Roger Ames and Canon Jack Lumanog

Bishops Dave Bena and Derek Jones

It is truly exciting to see what the Lord is doing in this Anglican Movement.  Churches are being planted. Individuals are coming to the Lord Jesus.  Individuals and groups of congregational members are going on mission trips to different parts of the world.  Excellent worship.  A recovery of the historical liturgy. Biblical preaching.  An excitement to be in church.  The needy are being helped.  The sick are being healed.  New leaders are being raised up and trained.  God is up to something!!

Bishop Don Harvey

The above pictures are some of the other bishops who were present on last Saturday.

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