Thursday, October 24, 2013

GAFCON - The Suffering Church

One of the important aspects of the Global Anglican Futures Conference is the world-wide perspective one gains, not just of Anglicanism, but of Christianity.  It is most endearing and most challenging.

Those of us in the West may be suffering the disabling of the Christian worldview by the government, the press, the media, and education system, but Christians in other parts of the world are losing their property, their lives, their freedoms, and their families --- just because they are Christians.

We have heard stories from around the globe of intense persecution and immense suffering placed on our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Ben Kwashi, Archbishop of Jos, Nigeria said this:  "We are to so enjoy our sufferings that those who come after us will want to follow Jesus."

Archbishop Ben Kwashi

Dr. Patrick Sookhdeo and the Barnabus Fund ( have published this prayer which I commend to you.

A Prayer for the Suffering Church

Almighty and most loving God, 
   the Father of all mercies and God of all consolation,
   whose compassion never fails,
   save Your persecuted people.

As they pass through the waters adversity,
may the rivers not overwhelm them.

As they walk through the fires of affliction,
may the flames not consume them.

Give them:
  Your aid, for they are needy;
  Your strength, for they are helpless;
  Your hope, for they are in despair;
  Your deliverance, for they are in danger.

O God,
  Make them firm in their faith,
  Make them joyful though hope,
  Fill them with your love,
  Protect them from the wiles of the devil
    and the conspiracies of men.

So that, passing through the waters of adversity,
They may come at last to the land of everlasting life,
There to reign with you forever. 

In the Name of the All-Powerful and Triune God, 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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