Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GAFCONII - a Brief Update

There are 1400 Anglicans here in Nairobi from over 40 nations, 27 Provinces of the Anglican Communion, 331 bishops, and a host of wonderful volunteers from All Saints' Cathedral.  The pace is absolutely exhausting, yet filled with refreshing teaching and stories about the work of the Lord all around the world.

It has been good to spend time with colleagues from the Anglican Church in North America and to meet godly men and women from around the world.  In a recent session with bishops, it was incredibly amazing how regardless of background and culture, we are facing so many of the same issues in our ministries.

Our team from the Anglican Diocese of the South are learning, sharing, and networking for the Cause of the Gospel of Jesus.

P.S. Internet here at the hotel is spotty and slow so Internet Work is going slow.  More updates to come.

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