Monday, June 3, 2013

Around Jerusalem

We began our day by heading to the southern steps of the Temple Mount, steps which would have been used by those visiting the Temple in the time of Jesus --- Jesus, the disciples, Peter, James, and John, etc.  We traveled up on top of the Temple Mount, now controlled by the Muslims, and learned about the power of the proclamation of the Word.  While there we encountered many muslim children singing songs and shouting phrases they were being taught.

After lunch in the Jewish Quarter of the city, we spent some time at Western Wall, the remaining wall of the Temple Mount which is closest to where the Holy of Holies once stood up on the mount.  Having been destroyed by the Romans in 70 A.D., the Temple has not been accessible.  This place has become a place of prayer for Jews from all over the world.

We then entered an excavated tunnel which runs next to the Western Wall and under part of the Muslim quarter of city (many homes above).  Old walls and roads are there from the 1st Century.  Cool place.  Amazing architecture.

Read Acts 2 and 3.

Walking the streets of Jerusalem
George on the way from the southern steps of the Temple Mount

A great pic of Tammy -- you would never know we are all VERY hot!

Betsy on the southern steps of the Temple of Mount
An image which "just" appeared in the marble on the side of the Dome of the Rock 
The Eastern Gate!  Blocked up my the Muslims

Watermelon Popcycle
With Yousef  Khalil (Young Life Staff in Bethlehem) and Hunter Lambeth (Young Life Staff in Nazareth)  in Jerusalem at Christ Church

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