Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scenes Around Aqaba

We were able to have a family reunion in Jordan.  Short time but great!!!
Allison, James, and Rebekah at the Jordanian/Israeli Border.  After walking about 100 yards from the Israel exit office with all our luggage to the Jordan Boarder Control (felt like walking through a demilitarized zone from the Cold War days in Berlin), and then another 50 yards to the final security post, James had the army officers pretend to give us a difficult time about entering their country -- until he appeared from behind a door laughing!

James at lunch in Aqaba

The Red Sea just outside Aqaba

Dinner -- a garlic roasted steak covered in mushroom sauce

No -- We didn't eat here!!
Aqaba at night

Breakfast at a sidewalk cafe

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