Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday in Jerusalem

Faith encompasses belief, but it is so much more.  It means to be steady. To obey God with perseverance.  To come before God with trust.  Better translated to mean faithfulness.  Just a sampling of the sermon from the Rev. David Pileggi, rector of Christ Church, Jerusalem.  His teaching on Jesus being approached by the Gentile in Luke 11 and marveling at his faith did not focus on Jesus ministering to the “enemy” centurian, but on what the faith was in which Jesus marveled.  Great day of worship!
The rector of Christ Church, David Pileggi, thinking through his point about faith

Christ Church, Jerusalem

The music Team

Special prayer requests anyone?
The Altar Table and Communion rail. Notice all is written in Hebrew highlighting their special calling to reach  out to the Jewish people with the Jewish Gospel of Jesus the Messiah

Christ Church, Jerusalem

Israeli art waiting to catch the bus

We had a Passover Seder Meal tonight
Important ingredients for the Seder Meal

Some of our group, Craig, Janice, Koreen, and Mark enjoying the meal

Andy Stanley and I on a roof-top in Jerusalem
Coffee lovers look closely....

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