Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Headed South

I am headed south to the Dominican Republic with my college-aged son on his Spring Break.   We are flying to Puerto Plata and will drive over to Carabete and a place known as Kite Beach.  Our plan is to continue to work on our kite boarding and we will be in Kite School all week (our father-son thing for the past two years!).

We had a long layover in the Miami Airport, and I was very impressed with the large number of mission teams I saw who were heading to Haiti.  Youth groups, college-age young people, and numbers of older adults were either headed to Haiti or coming back from Haiti.  As you probably know, Haiti is still riveted from the massive earthquake last year, and there is much need.  It was quite inspirational and exciting to see so many folks committed to helping others in need.

The scenes and reports from Japan are still heart-breaking and devastating.  Let us continue to pray for the people of Japan and those who are attempting to provide aid, food, medical assistance, housing, and most importantly, the Gospel of eternal life in Jesus.  For those of us who are able, let us give of our resources to help the numerous Christian ministries attempting to provide aid to devastated people and broken people.

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