Monday, March 21, 2011

Passport Lost!

We are packing up tonight and I realized my passport was gone.  Nowhere to be found!  James and I retraced all our steps and the last time we saw it was at the front desk six days ago when we checked in and they wanted a copy.  They didn't have it.  So we went through all our stuff again... and again... and again.

We look up the procedure to replace a lost or stolen passport and call the Embassy (3 hours away), and begin the process to get a new passport.  The earliest appointment is April 18th.  However, they will consider emergency situations -- but will respond within one business day.  Our flight leaves in 15 hours.  I begin to fill out the online paperwork, go to the front desk to get another copy of their copy (waking the lady out of her bed), and begin to think about my schedule this week and what will happen if I can't fly out tomorrow.  I start going through our things a for a fifth time!

It then dawns on me to pray out-loud... "Father, if my passport is in this room, please let us find it."  James says, "Dad, you haven't prayed, yet?"  Within one minute, the thought goes through my mind to look under the lining of suitcase.  There it was!!  We spent almost two hours of our night in an "almost panic" about the passport.  Moral of the story... PRAY FIRST!