Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day in the Dominican Republic

Since the winds were nowhere to be found for another day, James and I rented a pair of motorcycles and set out to explore the DR countryside.  We ended up going on a four-hour ride to the top of a mountain range to a town called El Camito.  The trip took us through numerous villages and towns along the way.  There we had an incredible lunch in a restaurant overlooking Roco and Santiago.  Incredible views.  I will have to say the mountain roads were an adventure -- you never knew what was going to come around the next turn from the opposite direction!  My bike threw its chain twice.  The second time I was putting the chain back on and a man came out of nowhere (his shop was the bottom of the hill).  He straightened and tightened the tire. I didn't have anymore problems. Thank you Lord!

James outside the restaurant where we stopped.

A Look from the Restaurant; it was on the side of the mountain
 After we returned from our motorcycle adventure, we went to eat at an Irish Pub.  It was quite interesting to hear Irish ballads and tunes sung in Spanish!  Of course, nothing was mentioned about St. Patrick and his missionary activities, and the spiritual impact he made for Christ.  Just worldly, raw tunes about the lives of the Irish.
Bagpipes in the Dominican Republic

These guys were quite good when they sang in English.

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